Ceramic tiles are popularly used homes in many rooms as the floor and even on the walls of certain rooms. Due to the many benefits they offer, they are a great choice of material and are available in a huge range of designs to suit everyone’s taste. Ceramic tiles are available in a home improvement store, tile warehouse and tile shop Reading.


Floor and wall tiles are usually different and it is important to check this before purchasing anything. This is due to the fact that wall tiles are thinner, less durable and not suitable for use underfoot. Ceramic tiles come in different varieties such as porcelain and terracotta, each with a number of advantages, design options and prices. There are also glazing options when it comes to ceramic tiles. Glazed tiles have a melted glass coating that seals the tile from water and stains. Unglazed tiles have a more natural look but are more susceptible to stains and water damage as they are not sealed.


Ceramic tiles can be installed either by someone who enjoys DIY or by a professional. Laying ceramic tiles properly is not the easiest of work and is usually best left to someone with experience. The floor that the tiles are being installed on will affect the quality of the finished product, it must be flat, smooth and free of defects to make sure the tiles do not crack over time. Ceramic tiles can often expand and contract when the weather changes, so grout must be used in between them as a cushion to protect them from damage.