Unless you have had occasion to need a Surrey building services engineer in the past or have known someone who works in the industry, you may not have a very clear idea of what a building services engineer does. Here in this article we will set out the main responsibilities of this type of engineer. Also, watch out for our next article on how to become a building services engineer.

Firstly, let’s look at what building services are:

Building services are the systems which get installed into buildings to make them livable. Such systems include: heating, lighting (both natural and artificial), energy distribution, fire safety including detection and prevention, plumbing, drainage, lifts or escalators, alarm and general security systems, communications technology (such as intercom systems), heating, air-conditioning, and other concerns which we as inhabitants of buildings often take for granted and give little thought to!

A building services engineer is an engineering professional who makes sure that the systems above, along with many other considerations, are accounted for and integrated into the building design. As you can imagine, these are complex considerations and as such, building services engineers are involved in projects from the very start to ensure both that the systems in a particular building are workable, but also that they conform to the regulations of the country or state in which the building will be. Another important aspect of a building services engineer is sustainability: energy efficiency is often regulated and a certain standard must be met.